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SHARE BAZAAR in Tally.ERP9, a solution for share marketer. Analyse and manage your short term & long term investment in shares using Share Bazzar


Paperless office

Scan & view your Invoice directly with this AD-On

Benefit of paperless office is that; Ready & immediate availability of scanned document’s invoices which can be email directly to the particular client.

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Copy Security level

Copy Company Type of Security & User name into another company.

Easily copy security for individual user or for all users within a short span of time.

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Voucher type level security

One of the most popular module. A must have module for any multi user Tally customer, where the user has to be restricted for creation/alteration of a specific voucher type.
E.g.: “Raj” does only data entry for the ABC Company, so using this ad-on he is restricted to view, modify any ledgers & past transactions or any other. Once data entered he cannot modify it. The modification rights can be given to “Karan” who is the head, he has the sole rights.


  • A user can be restricted to create a specific voucher type
  • On activation of the module Tally will not allow any entry or alteration of voucher unless the rights are given. The administrator can then create users and allocate them rights for creation/alteration of voucher
  • Simple screen for allocating the rights to the users
  • Allocate rights at the time of creating a new voucher sub-type
  • Changes of rights are simply possible but only by administrator

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Export Import

Export & import master & ledgers from one company to other or from one tally license to other. Making each & every ledger/ master is time consuming. Save your time by exporting & importing ledgers & master.

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Master deletion

Delete Unused Ledger & Stock Item from your company. Junk master slows down your system with occupying unnecessary space. Delete junk masters as per your command.

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Multiline stock Item description

With this AD-On you can get multiline description for stock item.

  • Enabling the option of multi stock item description, users can defined multiple descriptions for a stock item
  • Type the description and save the screen
  • Auto pre-fills the multiple descriptions at the time of sales entry

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Stock Group wise stock Items printing in Invoice

With this Add-on you can print Stock Group wise stock Items in Invoice.

  • Activate the ad-on
  • Select any sales entry and give print command. This will display & print the Stock Group wise listing of Stock Items.

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"SMS Plug-in for Tally 9" is a unique CRM tool that helps you Stay-in-Touch with your customers, distributors, dealers, resellers, agents, other business associates and even your employees in a very cost effective manner using the powerful medium of SMS communication.

The Voucher Notification Feature allows you to instantly inform your customers as soon as you record an important transaction like Material Dispatch, Cheque Receipt or Cheque Bounce.

The SMS Setup Feature allows you to choose from a range of SMS Gateway service providers offering stable services at most competitive rates. Allows you to create and manage Unlimited SMS Lists in Tally and quickly send any SMS message to them. Examples of these lists could be your Customers, Dealers, Distributors, Agents, Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Employees, etc.

The Overdue Bills Reminder Feature allows you to send Polite Reminders for overdue bills to your customers. These can be sent either one-by-one or all together for all Overdue Bills with option to Select or De-select individual customers.

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Investing in Shares :

The goal of investing is to gradually build wealth over an extended period of time through the buying and holding of a portfolio of stocks, baskets of stocks, mutual funds, bonds and other investment instruments

Trading in Shares :

Trading, on the other hand, involves the more frequent buying and selling of shares with the goal of generating returns that outperform buy-and-hold investing.
With SHARE BAZZAR module keep track on your both investments methodology. Do your purchase & sale transaction using both methods with this module.

CII (cost inflation index)

Compute CII capital gain- loss using CII index which is defined in this module. It is important to know the true value of your sales; Indexation helps us to counter the erosion in the value of the asset over a period of time.

Excel Integration

Standard Data can be imported from excel to your Share Bazzar Tally.ERP9 module. Import Data of “Bhav Share rate” which includes: Contact definition, trading prices, premium/ discount, volume & open interest (Qty.)

Share Stock Summary


Analyzing your whole portfolio of investment becomes tough when you have around 10-20 company shares. Hence analyzing/ reporting in Share bazzar module in Tally ERP.9 makes it easy.

A detailed reporting of investment in shares as an investment & quantity of investment in shares for trading is developed in this module. Reporting involves investment made in share with particular company, with quantity, at what rate, & total value. It also involves the date of purchase with ISIN number, Demat account, & holding period for the shares.

Hence such reporting helps in analyzing & viewing your whole investment in different company’s shares at single point.


Know your short term & long term capital gain Loss even based of Capital inflation index. With detailed reporting in Share Bazzar Module